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Artemi Cerdà

Dr. Artemi Cerdà.

Professor in Physical Geography has developed his research at the Universitat de València, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Bar-Ilan University, and the Centro de Investigaciones sobre Desertificación and the Instituto Pirenaico de Ecología del Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas from the Spanish Council for Scientific Research. Dr. Cerdà develops Research exchanges with the United States Forest Service and United States Geological Service, Swansea University, Michigan Technological University and The University of Melbourne.

Since 2011 is President of the Soil System Sciences Division of the European Geoscience Union. Miembro de Fuegored. Editor-in-Chief of Land Degradation and Development

 Dr. Artemi Cerdà.

Catedrático de Geografía Física ha desarrollado sus investigaciones en la Universitat de València, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Bar-Ilan University, y el Centro de Investigaciones sobre Desertificación y el Instituto Pirenaico de Ecología del Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas. Mantiene colaboraciones con el Servicio Forestal y el Servicio Geológico de los Estados Unidos, Swansea University, Michigan Technological University y University of Melbourne.

Desde 2011 es Presidente de la Soil System Sciences Division de la European Geoscience Union. Miembro de Fuegored. Editor en jefe de la revista Land Degradation and Development.

Artemi Cerdà
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AuthorsYearTitleJournal / Book Chapter / Conference paperVolume /PagesLinkDOI
Merche B. Bodí, Deborah A. Martin, Victoria N. Balfour, Cristina Santín, Stefan H. Doerr, Paulo Pereira, Artemi Cerdà, Jorge Mataix-Solera 2014 Wildland fire ash: Production, composition and eco-hydro-geomorphic effects Earth-Science Reviews 130:103-127 Link 
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Pereira, P., Cerdà, A., Úbeda, X., Mataix-Solera, J. Martin, D., Jordan, A. and Burguet, M. 2013 Spatial models for monitoring the spatio-temporal evolution of ashes after fire – a case study of a burnt grassland in Lithuania.  Solid Earth 4: 153-165 Link 10.5194/se-4-153-2013 
Novara, A., Gristina, L., Guaitoli, F.,Santoro, A. and Cerdà, A.  2013 Managing soil nitrate with cover crops and buffer strips in Sicilian vineyards Solid Earth 4: 255-262 Link 10.5194/se-4-255-2013 
Merche B. Bodí, Isabel Muñoz-Santa, Carmen Armero, Stefan H. Doerr, Jorge Mataix-Solera, Artemi Cerdà 2013 Spatial and temporal variations of water repellency and probability of its occurrence in calcareous Mediterranean rangeland soils affected by fires CATENA 108:14-25 Link 
Martínez-Murillo, J.F., Nadal-Romero, E., Regüés, D., Cerdà, A., Poesen, J. 2013 Soil erosion and hydrology of the western Mediterranean badlands throughout rainfall simulation experiments: A review CATENA 106:101-112 Link 
Mahmoodabadi, M. & Cerdà, A. 2013 WEPP calibration for improved predictions of interrill erosion in semi-arid to arid environments Geoderma 204-205:75-83 Link 10.1016/j.geoderma.2013.04.013 
Javier León, Merche B. Bodí, Artemi Cerdà, David Badía 2013 The contrasted response of ash to wetting: The effects of ash type, thickness and rainfall events Geoderma 209-210: 143-152 Link 
González-Peñaloza, F.A., Cerdà, A., Zavala, L.M., Jordán, A., Giménez-Morera, A., Arcenegui, V. 2013 Corrigendum to "Do conservative agriculture practices increase soil water repellency? A case study in citrus-cropped soils" [Soil Tillage Res. 124 (2012), 233-239]  Soil and Tillage Research 128: 156 Link  
Dlapa, P., Bodí, M.B., Mataix-Solera, J., Cerdà, A., &, Doerr, S.H. 2013  FT-IR spectroscopy reveals that ash water repellency is highly dependent on ash chemical composition. Catena 108: 35-43. Link 10.1016/j.catena.2012.02.011 
Cerdà, A., Brazier,R., Nearing, M., de Vente, J. 2013 Scales and Erosion Catena 102: 1-2 Link 
Cerdà, A. 2013 Editorial Land Degradation and Development 24(1): 1. Link  
Bodí, M.B., Muñoz-Santa, I., Armero, C., Doerr, S.H., Mataix-Solera, J., Cerdá, A. 2013 Spatial and temporal variations of water repellency and probability of its occurrence in calcareous Mediterranean rangeland soils affected by fires Catena 108:14-25 Link 10.1016/j.catena.2012.04.002. 
Pérez-Cabello, F., Cerdà, A., de la Riva, J., Echeverría, M.T., García-Martín, A., Ibarra, P., Lasanta, T., Montorio, R., Palacios, V. 2012 Micro-scale post-fire surface cover changes monitored using high spatial resolution photography in a semiarid environment: A useful tool in the study of post-fire soil erosion processes Journal of Arid Environments 76: 88-96  Link 10.1016/j.jaridenv.2011.08.007 
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Dlapa, P., Bodí, M.B., Mataix-Solera, J., Cerdà, A., Doerr, S.H.  2012 FT-IR spectroscopy reveals that ash water repellency is highly dependent on ash chemical composition  Catena   Link, 
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Bodí, M.B., Muñoz-Santa, I., Armero, C., Doerr, S.H., Mataix-Solera, J., Cerdà, A.  2012 Spatial and temporal variations of water repellency and probability of its occurrence in calcareous Mediterranean rangeland soils affected  Catena   Link  
Bodí, M.B., Doerr, S.H., Cerdà, A., Mataix-Solera, J.  2012 Hydrological effects of a layer of vegetation ash on underlying wettable and water repellent soil  Geoderma   Link 
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Nadal-Romero, E., Lasanta, T., Regüés, D., Lana-Renault, N., Cerdà, A. 2011 Hydrological response and sediment production under different land cover in abandoned farmland fields in a mediterranean mountain environment  Boletin de la Asociacion de Geografos Espanoles  55: 303-323+443-448  Link  
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